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We are an innovative eLearning company focused on designing corporate elearning solutions by transforming them into engaging digital learning experiences.

about us

Who We Are

Founded by James Officer, Envision Creativity was born to tackle Government's stale internal and external-facing learning. Using his expertise and knowledge from 20+ years of experience in Department of Defense Training and Simulation industry learning and development, James led Envision Creativity to quicken the pace of innovation in DOD digital learning programs.

In 2010, James joined forces with A5 Media in taking the elearning industry to the next level by creating engaging, fun, and meaningful digital learning experiences. The addition of the A5 Media team's expertise in finance, project management, and customer service has evolved Envision Creativity into the production asset it is today.

What We Do

We're on a mission to continue disrupting the eLearning industry by helping the largest brands and businesses solve their most challenging problems through custom eLearning. We believe learning is the key to innovation and maintaining a true competitive business edge, and our team at Envision Creativity is here to help you achieve this through eLearning solutions.

  • Animation/Graphics
  • Content Development
  • Scripting and Narration
  • Microlearning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Audio and video
  • Storyline Development
  • Microlearning Strategy
  • Mobile Learning Strategy
  • Multimedia Learning
  • Visual Storyboarding
  • AR/VR Development

Our Services

Custom Digital Learning Experiences That Meet Your Business's Unique Needs


We've created digital learning solutions that are custom designed to meet your specific learning needs and help you solve your most challenging business problems.

Mobile Learning

Much of today's learning takes place on a smartphone or other mobile device that travels with its owner-BYOD for "bring your own device."


Retention rates of multiple microlearning sessions have a better retention rate than the same information presented in one long session.


Helps learners absorb complicated material as well as material that would otherwise put a caffeine addict to sleep.

Our Learning Solutions

Great digital learning design is like a symphony with all of its sections-storylines, user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI), visual/sensory design, interaction design, etc.- each contributing a unique element to engage the audience, tell a story, and impart a lasting message.

VR Demo

eLearning Module Intro for Pentaho



In Collaboration with Workaholics Studios



Micro video for MICROLEARNING



Self-Paced Video

Mobile Learning

Our Experience

At Envision Creativity we fully specialize in interactive services and media consulting for custom training solutions. Since 2006 Envision Creativity's activities are dedicated to the interactive training strategies and solutions. Envision Creativity offers an all-inclusive service going from the problem identification to the solution application (treatment) based on fast analysis and consulting. Capturing the learning objective with developing agile strategies to enhance the user experience while ensuring rapidity and efficiency.

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